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New Eastern Villages the Future for Swindon


The New Eastern Villages is one of the largest developments in the UK currently. It will see the delivery of around 8,000 needed new homes in the area and nationally. The NEV will also be providing new schools for that area and the wider Swindon population, areas of employment, numerous sports facilities and other community facilities.

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Biodiversity Net Gain


The Chancellor confirmed in the Spring Statement the UK government will mandate biodiversity net gain within the coming Environment Bill....

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The Housing Delivery Test


The Housing Delivery Test was published earlier this year showing that 33% of Councils are under delivering with their housing...

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UK Construction Output


The latest measures of output by the construction industry was released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) this month....

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The Future of House Building


With the housing numbers within the UK not being met is there a new quicker method of building housing. The...

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The Rosewell Review


The Rosewell review points to outdated administrative processes and poor IT infrastructure stating that planning appeal decisions should be actioned...

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