Hydrock Appointed


Hydrock has been appointed to advise Capital Land Property Group Ltd with elements of the pre-planning process for New Eastern Villages, which forms a central part of Swindon’s local plan and is also one of the biggest greenfield developments of its type in the UK.

Hydrock is supporting Capital Land with the early stages of planning for the initial development, their geo-environmental team is conducting a range of site investigations to inform the planning and future development. Speaking in a newspaper article earlier this year, Jeremy Francis, Chief Executive of Capital Land, said: “We’re working closely with the local authority and making good progress. We’re a local company with a long term interest in this project and I am serious about providing something here that will last, something that will be here in 200 years’ time.” Commenting on Hydrock’s role, Matt Hilton, Managing Director of our Consultancy business, said: “We are very much enjoying being part of Capital Land’s key advisory team on this strategically important development that will deliver more housing and associated facilities close to Swindon. Our pre-planning services are designed to unlock key issues and opportunities for developers and smooth the transition to planning, and ultimately approval, for vital new development and infrastructure.”

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