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Specialising in strategic land development across the UK, Capital Land represents established landowners. It is a dynamic and energetic organisation with ambitions to drive extensive, innovative and sustainable land development opportunities. Capital Land works with likeminded, forward thinking organisations and individuals. Within the Group there is a strong awareness for the need to maintain the unique British environment and the sustainability of our communities. Capital Land steers the whole process from the beginning to end in ensuring quality design led developments are created for the regeneration of areas and to supply future sustainable homes for generations to come.

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Capital Land New Eastern Villages Logo and Greenfields
New Eastern Villages the Future for Swindon

The New Eastern Villages is one of the largest developments in the UK currently. It will see the delivery of around 8,000 needed new homes in the area and nationally. The NEV will also be providing new schools for that area and the wider Swindon population, areas of employment, numerous sports facilities and other community […]

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Swindon’s Local Plan Review

The current Local Plan Swindon have in place is the key planning document providing the strategy for the area to deliver growth up to the year 2026. Under Government guidance local plans or policies are to be reviewed and assess whether they need updating at least once every 5 years.

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