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New Eastern Villages the Future for Swindon


The New Eastern Villages is one of the largest developments in the UK currently. It will see the delivery of around 8,000 needed new homes in the area and nationally. The NEV will also be providing new schools for that area and the wider Swindon population, areas of employment, numerous sports facilities and other community facilities.

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£72m Key Infrastructure


Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet meet on Wednesday 10th July to approve necessary road infrastructure upgrades in Swindon costing £72+ million.

Major highway improvements and upgrades are due to take place October 2019. The road network upgrades are part of the vital infrastructure required for the 8,000+ homes set to be built East of the A419 at the allocated site of the New Eastern Villages (NEV).

The NEV is one of the largest greenfield developments in the UK consisting of 8,000+ homes, new primary/secondary schools, employment hubs, sports facilities, health facilities and utility/road infrastructure.

The first improvement scheme is proposed to take place at the White Hart junction this October. This will see the construction of a new northbound slip road from the roundabout on to the A4119 which has been needed regardless of the new housing coming forward at the NEV.

To find out more about the infrastructure coming forward visit Swindon Borough Council’s website here:

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