Great Stall East - Masterplan capital land

NEV Planning Granted


With the finalisation of the S106 agreement outline planning permission has been granted for 1,550 new homes on land at Great Stall East, just south of the A420 to the east of Swindon. The planning application for the development, which was submitted by Capital Land Strategic Planning, will also deliver a new primary and secondary school, a site for a Park and Ride, as well as a sports hub.

The Capital Land team received a resolution to grant August 2020 and finalised the S106 agreement a year later receiving the grant of planning permission at the end of last month. The team progressed immediately on to the next stage of the planning process working up detailed designs and beginning planning work to discharge conditions since the end of summer last year.

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2017 UK Housing Market


UK housing market faces quiet start to 2017.

The UK housing market is said to face a slow start to 2017, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), because of a lack of housing stock. The supply of housing in the residential market has been continually stagnant for the last nine months.

Read the full article here on the FT Adviser.

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Smart Tech


Future Proofing Homes with Smart Tech,

Capital Land Research and Development has been researching smart tech to make it affordable in every home built. With advances in home router capabilities, smart technology and Wi-Fi being readily available the homes of the future need to utilise all of these technologies in a way that is easy to use and secure for the homeowner. Capital Land is looking at ways homeowners can have a smart ready home. More information  to come on these developments and how they

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Onsite Investigations Complete


Onsite Investigations NEV.

The onsite investigations at New Eastern Villages, Great Stall East site have now been completed. The investigations have been completed ahead of schedule.

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UK Housing Shortage


UK Housing Shortage Continues

The constant house shortage across the UK continues to put pressure on residential property prices, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Demand for buyers is starting to improve but there is nowhere near enough properties for sale, causing a supply and demand imbalance. Read the full article here:

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Proud Sponsors of Swindon Town FC


Proud Sponsors of STFC

Capital Land Property Group are proud to sponsor Swindon Town Football Club for the 16/17 season. The new design of boards at the football club can be seen around the County Ground.

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Prototype Stilt Flood Proof House


Prototype Flood Proof House

A developer has applied for planning permission to build a prototype house that can be jacked up on stilts in order to be raised in the event of flooding. If tests are successful then it could provide a model for future housebuilders. Innovative approaches to the ever increasing threat of the climate are great to see; however, we are not sure how structurally sound the houses will remain after years of lowering and raising. Read the full article here at the construction index.

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Hydrock Onsite


Hydrock & Capital Land Civil Engineering Onsite

Hydrock & Capital Land Civil Engineering are onsite sampling trial pits and bore holes for further investigation into the makeup of the ground conditions. The works are a crucial step in the planning and build process.

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Hydrocks onsite

Hydrock Appointed


Hydrock has been appointed to advise Capital Land Property Group Ltd with elements of the pre-planning process for New Eastern Villages, which forms a central part of Swindon’s local plan and is also one of the biggest greenfield developments of its type in the UK.

Hydrock is supporting Capital Land with the early stages of planning for the initial development, their geo-environmental team is conducting a range of site investigations to inform the planning and future development. Speaking in a newspaper article earlier this year, Jeremy Francis, Chief Executive of Capital Land, said: “We’re working closely with the local authority and making good progress. We’re a local company with a long term interest in this project and I am serious about providing something here that will last, something that will be here in 200 years’ time.” Commenting on Hydrock’s role, Matt Hilton, Managing Director of our Consultancy business, said: “We are very much enjoying being part of Capital Land’s key advisory team on this strategically important development that will deliver more housing and associated facilities close to Swindon. Our pre-planning services are designed to unlock key issues and opportunities for developers and smooth the transition to planning, and ultimately approval, for vital new development and infrastructure.”

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More than just a house


Capital & Country Homes

Capital Land Property Group unveils a preview of the types of homes proposed to be delivered in Swindon at NEV with Capital & Country Homes. More coming soon.

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Help-to-buy mortgage scheme to be scrapped by end of the year



Government’s help-to-buy mortgage scheme to be scrapped by end of the year. Other help-to-buy schemes will continue though until 2020. One of the main schemes the government will be backing now is the rent-to-buy scheme.


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