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New Eastern Villages the Future for Swindon


The New Eastern Villages is one of the largest developments in the UK currently. It will see the delivery of around 8,000 needed new homes in the area and nationally. The NEV will also be providing new schools for that area and the wider Swindon population, areas of employment, numerous sports facilities and other community facilities.

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Changing Swindon BBC Interview


Capital Land interviewed on BBC discussing the development at Great Stall East, New Eastern Villages, Swindon. Capital Land’s CEO, Jeremy Francis, discusses with Graham Rogers how the New Eastern Villages will go ahead and the positive future impact the development will have on Swindon. 

Interview starts at 1:12:12, click link here:

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NEV Outline Planning Validation


The outline planning application for Great Stall East, New Eastern Villages (NEV), Swindon for up to 1,800 homes, 10 form entry secondary school, 2 form entry primary school, sports hub, public open space and local centre has been validated by Swindon Borough Council. Information on the planning application can be found with reference S/OUT/17/1990 on the Swindon Borough Council planning website.

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Autumn Budget 2017 – Housing


The Chancellor presented his Budget to Parliament this week with details of the Government’s plan to increase housing supply. The Autumn Budget 2017 package to increase housing supply includes over £35 billion of additional financial support for house building over the next five years, bringing the total support for housing to at least £44 billion during that period. This financial support alongside planning reforms will ensure more land is available for housing.


With grants to local authorities for strategic infrastructure and more borrowing for Councils to build new council homes this will aid Councils and developers working alongside to bring forward strategic sites of higher design quality.


Alongside the confirmed additional £10 billion for the Help to Buy Equity loan to assist 135,000 more people to buy new build homes, the further £2 billion of funding for affordable housing and the stamp duty land tax relief for first time buyers on homes under £300,000 this should see the country reach its target of 300,000 new homes a year, an amount not seen since 1970.


The Budget also allocates £34 million towards teaching construction skills such as bricklaying and plastering to ensure the country has the skilled labour force it needs to ensure quality housing is delivered.


Read the full Autumn Budget 2017 here:

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Secretary of State’s Speech on the Housing Market


The figures were released last week showing that England has increased the number of new homes being built last year by more than 217,000. It is the first time in nearly a decade that the 200,000 milestone has been exceeded. Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State, acknowledged in his speech that still more needs to be done and the Government will be investing £9 billion in affordable housing. With the release of the White Paper earlier this year and the reforming of planning rules the country is set to see even more houses built in the coming years. Read the full article here:

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Outline Planning Submitted NEV


The pivotal outline planning application at New Eastern Villages (NEV) has been submitted by Capital Land to Swindon Borough Council at the end of 2017. The application is for 1,800 homes, a 10 form entry secondary school (including 6th form), 2 form entry primary school, a sports hub, public open space and a local centre. (more…)

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Great Stall East

Swindon Top 5 best UK Towns & Cities


In a survey undertaken by Glassdoor on the 25 best UK towns and cities to work in, Swindon is within the top 5. Glassdoor is a website and job search engine where employees/former employees also anonymously review companies. The survey reports that Swindon is one of the fastest growing towns in Europe and has some of the best rail links making it ideal for business and living. The survey takes into account a number of factors to determine the results. To find out more read the full survey here:

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New Eastern Villages Website


The New Eastern Villages website is now live. Find out more about the proposed first site coming forward, Great Stall East. The website is in the early stages of development and provides information from the public consultation. Visit the website here:


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Great Stall East Public Consultation


The public consultation will take part this week, Friday 29th September and Saturday 30th September, on the proposed development at Great Stall East, New Eastern Villages, Swindon. The consultation will give residents in the area the opportunity to learn more about the proposed scheme and express their opinion on it. Great Stall East is proposed to have 1,800 homes, local centre, sports, recreation and educational facilities built.

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Great Stall West Archaeology


The archaeology investigations are due to start at New Eastern Villages, Great Stall West site. The archaeological evaluation is a key part of the planning process. The site at Great Stall West is allocated under the local plan to provide additional housing, retail park and a business centre.

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Land Management


Capital Land Estates is responsible for managing the groups land interests pre development to ensure environmental and conservation requirements are maintained. In having a proper land management policy in place ensures the land is kept in the best possible condition where benefit is maximised both pre and post development . Capital Land’s experienced and dedicated Agri-team ensures the highest standards of land management are employed in the ongoing care of its land interests.

Photo: Capital Land Estates

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